We care, both in School and at Home!

Our holistic approach to forming men and women for others goes beyond the academic realm. Given their unique backgrounds, we strive to ensure we provide them with the very basic needs to ensure they fully focus on their studies. We offer them medical services in conjunction with St. Mary's Mission Hospital. Our students receive medical care at the facility at no cost and this has helped them to dedicate more time to their academics. We also offer them a nutritious and balanced diet in form of breakfast and lunch every day except for Sundays when they don't report to school. To some of the students, these meals are as good as all they have in a day. The school does this to ensure that students' physical needs are met to eliminate unnecessary distractions from academic endeavours.
KITCHEN DEPARTMENT Shalom!!, it is with a great humility that I welcome you to the kitchen department of St Aloysius Gonzaga secondary school. The department is the Centre of feeding program where the activities of food preparation and service is done for both staff and students. The department comprises of highly qualified and dedicated staff who work tirelessly to make sure that the school community is well fed. This team includes: 1. Mr. Brown Kadenge 2. Mr. Joseph Mutinda 3. Ms. Esther Muya The objectives that drive us to achieve our goals as a department are: - Preparing quality, clean and balanced meals - Offering equal food service to all without discrimination - ensuring access to clean drinking water for both staff and students. Since St Aloysius serves students from humble backgrounds, the department has been very keen to ensure that the diet arrangements are comprised of meals that can sustain them throughout the learning process and activities of the day. In collaboration with the administration, the department has been able to fit tea and bread in the students’ menu to alternate with porridge for breakfast. This has been of great help to the students some of whom don’t manage to get the first meal of the day at home. On behalf of the kitchen department, I take this opportunity to give thanks to the donors and well-wishers who have sacrificed so much for this feeding program. May the Lord God Almighty bless you abundantly. I also want to appreciate the administration and the staff members who have greatly supported this department to enable us achieve our goals for the success of the kitchen department and by extension the Board of Management of St Aloysius Gonzaga Secondary School Community. Brown Kadenge - Chief Chef