St. Aloysius Gonzaga sec.

Student Leadership

The Prefectorial structure

Starehe Boys’ Centre has a unique system of leadership characterized mainly by student leadership. From dawn to dusk and even at night, the running of the School outside the classrooms is mainly by the school prefects who have for ages proved to be very effective in their mode of leadership.

When the day breaks, the house captains and prefects ensure that all the students wake up on good time and do their duties effectively. Those with house cleaning duties do them before going for breakfast. In the Dining Hall, all the proceedings are controlled by the boys themselves. They serve one another in turns and incase one of them is not in for the meal his food is preserved.

The cleanliness of the compounds and even of the boys themselves is checked and corrected by the prefects and captains. A challenge to them is that they must meet the conditions before they can check the fellow boys. This is normally not a problem to them.

The Starehe prefectorial force is hierarchical, from the Sub Prefect to the School Captain. In between them lie the House and departmental prefects, Senior prefects and Captains. All these are answerable to those in higher authority and should give them their due respect.