All Kenyan children are eligible to join St. Aloysius provided they meet the set eligibility criteria. 

Eligibility Criteria

  1. A prospective student must be a Kenyan child who has sat for KCPE and attained 300 marks and above.
  2. The applicant must hail from a needy background drawn mainly from Kibera slums and their environs.
  3. They have to commit to the policies and values of the school. 
  4. An eligible student must fill out the scholarship form and attach all the required documents. These documents include an authentic KCPE result slip, a copy of a birth certificate, and a death certificate where applicable.

Once these criteria and duly met by an applicant, the recruitment process begins with the recruitment committee doing a shortlisting of suitable candidates from the pool of applicants.

Once shortlisting of candidates is done, the selected students undergo written exams on any three subjects administered at the primary level. Those who successfully go through this stage proceed to the next level of recruitment. 

Next follows the oral interviews which are essentially administered to the students and their caregivers. This process is meant to verify some of the information in the application form as well as seek a verbal guarantee from the applicants on compliance with the school policies and values. 

Home visitation is conducted for all candidates who undergo oral interviews to further firm up some of the information provided by the candidate and their families to that point. Suitable students are finally selected at this point.