Humanities Department

Mr. Onesmus Masila, H.O.D Humanities

“The calling of humanities is to make us truly human in the best sense of the word” J, Miller. Humanities comprise of three subjects that is CRE, History and Government and Geography. Matters of faith, morals, culture, governance and attitude towards humanity and environment are taught. In CRE the students are equipped with knowledge on Christian faith. There is also inclusion of the traditional African Heritage where students get to understand their beliefs and believes before Christianity was introduced by Christian missionaries in the country and Africa at large. The study of these aspects inculcates moral values and life lessons that influence learners’ behaviors and attitudes positively. In History and Government, student are equipped with the knowledge about past and the current that help in shaping the future. Here students are urged to take note of the past, learn from the mistakes done in the past and find possible solution to the mistakes and problems in order to make the world a better place. In geography the students get to know the human relation to the environment. They also get to understand the benefits of using natural resources responsibly and sustainably. The teachers in this depart are equipped and their skills sharpened through workshops and seminars which are facilitated by the school. This equips the teachers with the current trends in teaching the humanity subjects. They also get to know the current marking trends of the KCSE in the humanity subjects. They also get to interact with other teachers from other school and share ways of covering syllabus effectively and efficiently. This helps the teachers to prepare the learners effectively for the KCSE and careers which are associated with the humanity subjects. On the other hand, students are exposed to continuous assessment test, consultation and discussion groups which acts as part of their revision. They are also engaged in internal and external contest to continue advancing in knowledge. Besides, the department conducts educational trips to help the student interact with the real environment in order to compliment what has been learned in class. Through such diverse involvements, students are motivated to learn and gain more knowledge in the humanity subjects. Through quality teaching, hard work of both teachers and learners and motivation from the school administration the students continue to post good results in National Exams. In 2022 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) the department registered a department mean of 8.894 B an improvement on a mean of 8.098 - B posted in 2021 KCSE.