Volunteer With Us

St Al’s has a long tradition of being a beneficiary of charity in terms of time, talent, and material. We offer a wide range of opportunities for people of all abilities and interests to volunteer. Prospective volunteers are encouraged to look at our daily routine and activities to see the potential areas that suit their skills
Voluntary work is very significant at St. Al’s and is highly appreciated. This has led to many fields opening up for voluntary work at St. Al’s as follows:


Any voluntary teacher is treated equally as other teachers and is regarded as a qualified staff member. Being a teacher, one is expected to perform his or her duties e.g. teaching the students in their respective subjects, setting exams and assessment tests, and marking exams. St.Al’s staff is a friendly one and this enables the volunteering teachers to also participate in other school programs like staff meetings, sports, and retreats.
They are also able to culture a relationship with students to open room for consultations focused on academic excellence. This favours improvement and achievement of the school academic goals as well as those of students.


The information and technology department at St. Al’s is a highly growing unit consisting of competitive students but in close range with the journalism club. The school is equipped with very elaborate and advanced computer labs which promise ripe fruits in the IT department. One can volunteer to work with this team of students to help them make their dreams come true.


Sports are very important activities at St. Al’s just like any other institution, meant to match physical fitness for both students and the staff as a whole. These activities are also meant to refresh the minds of the students to prepare them for studies. One can volunteer to coach the students in sports which include volleyball, soccer, rugby, netball, basketball, and hockey, among others. The coach can also arrange tournaments after an arrangement with the games teacher.
Drama club also participates in various activities which include dancing, singing, and reciting of poems and choral verses. One with these talents can also volunteer to help the students realize their potential and make use of them effectively. The coach can also arrange various activities for the students after an agreement with the school administration.


Cleanliness and sanitation are some of the core values which are highly upheld at St. Al’s. Anyone entering this school observes this on arrival. This is seen in the smartness of the students and the compound as a whole. Volunteers can also work in this department to help achieve the good standards of cleanliness to render it conducive for learning, since it’s good to be clean hence good health. A volunteer can work in various areas including the school kitchen, corridors, stairs, and some specific offices as this is highly appreciated at St. Al’s.
Other areas include:
Helping in the school clinic, library, social department, counselling. Giving talks on topical issues, liturgy/cathechism.