Summary of a busy term at St. Aloysius Gonzaga-Nairobi

July 24th, 2019

Nurse from University of Michigan attending to student

As the term comes to conclusion, we thank God for the sufficient graces we have received so far. Indeed, it has been an action-packed term for the school and the students. To begin with, we received our friends from University of Michigan-Flint who spent an entire week with us. It was an incredible experience for the entire fraternity. Our students and staff not only shared their experiences with group of nursing students but they were also privileged to receive free medical screening and health talk from this passionate team. To the Michigan team, we say thank you for your time and kindness and more so your warm service to the fraternity here. In deed yours is a gesture of friendship and service to humanity.

 Regis students with the students leaders during Quest retreat

We were equally blessed to host a group of students from Regis High school in the New York. This team of students and their teachers visits us every two years to journey with our third year students on a Quest Retreat. This retreat helps our students in their journey of self-discovery and relation with God. It enables them to reach a level of self-affirmation in the light of their background and personal experiences. We therefore remain grateful to the commendable job and support done by our friends from the Regis High school. In a way through their interactions with our students, they help our students to appreciate and open up to the diversity presented to them courtesy of the team form Regis. In deed Regis is and will always remain a true friend in the spiritual and social journey of our students.

Following the sad demise of one of our own in the ill-fated Ethiopian airline in March, a team of two young professionals voluntarily accepted to take up some the roles that were played by Cedric Asiavugwa in the US. And in order for them to acquaint themselves with the school and its mission the two ladies, Brenna and Grace made their maiden trip to Nairobi. For St. Aloysius, this was a moment to reflect on the enormous support that comes from the US. Brenna and Grace spent quality time with the staff, students and collaborators of the school. When all was said and done, it was worthwhile experiences that will enable them take up the role of supporting the fundraising efforts in the US through social media. We therefore hope that the legacy and good job that was initiated and undertaken by Cedric will carry n in the safe hands of these two young and enthusiastic ladies.


As if this was not enough, we also received a group of young Americans known as “The Weekenders” who are on global pilgrimage. We were again privileged to host and share our mission with them. To majority of them, it was moving and their visit to our school was the “highlight and climax” of their entire stop in Kenya. Particularly, they were moved to with the difficult conditions our beneficiaries hail from and yet they strive to attain their cherished goals in life. We will always treasure the unique experience The Weekenders gave our entire fraternity. In deed they left a legacy of always daring to dream in order to attain the unattainable. Be blessed for the generosity of your time!


Pilgrims with their student buddies

To crown the visits to our precious school, we also received a group of five pilgrims visiting from the United States. The group comprised of individuals from diverse professional backgrounds who gave their precious time to share their experiences with our beneficiaries. While here, this group spent a great deal of time journeying with our beneficiaries in classroom, sports, clubs and their homes. This was a sure way of ensuring that the pilgrims were fully immersed and made the best out of their stay here in Nairobi. The peak of their visit came when they joined everyone in commemorating the 16th anniversary since the founding of St. Aloysius Gonzaga secondary school. The day was marked with the celebration of holy mass, recognizing and awarding the best students in 2018. Thereafter, the pilgrims visited the infamous Maasai Mara Nation Park to have an experience in the beautiful and spectacular wildlife. 

In deed these groups and more others have made this term colorful through their time and sharing> we take this precious opportunity to thank all who have allocated their valuable time to be a living testimony to our students and staff. We don’t take it for granted! We continue to appeal to people of goodwill to come over and share their time with us. These little gestures will always have far-reaching implications in the lives of our students. Don’t hesitate to reach out and will be happy to create a lasting friendship that will help us to make man and women for the society!