Dormitory Campus

Currently, the school is engaged in a number of projects key among them being fundraising for the the construction of a dormitory campus that will house more than 480 students and staff. If completed successfully, this will save the students the agony of walking daily to and fro Kibera slums. The land has already being purchased and it is 7 minutes walk from the school campus. Pending acquisition of essential work permit, the first phase of the construction work should begin anytime soon. This first phase involves doing a perimeter wall and a bandroom. We continue to appeal to our friends to support this noble initiative for the school.

We are also producing short videos outlining some of the milestones made by our former students and giving their testimonies as success stories. After 10 years of good work, it has been noted that many former students have moved on with their lives and they are impacting the larger society through various initiatives and engagements. We want to profile these stories to the whole world to know that ours is moulding men and women for others. This project is also spearheaded by former St. Al’s students who are trained professionals in this area.