From the Principal

The school is blessed to have a new principal in the name of Madam Beatrice Maina. She has replaced Dr. Michael Kimotho who served the school between 2017 and 2019. Hitherto to her appointment in early 2020, she has been serving as the Deputy Principal in charge of the graduates program, a position she has served in diligently for the last 5 years. Madam Beatrice is a trained teacher by profession and the longest serving member of staff at St. Aloysius. This places her at a pole position in understanding not only the history of the school but also the ethos that drives the school. Her charming personality coupled with her undying commitment and unparalleled loyalty to the school is great assets. We pray and wish her best of luck as she steers this ship ahead. 


Madam Beatrice Maina





Madam Beatrice is a Masters Degree holder in Business Administration (Human Resource) – University of Nairobi (U.O.N) I did a postgraduate Diploma in Education and Bachelors of Arts.


2005-2007 Teacher of Geography, History and English/Literature

2008-2009 Deputy Principal, Teacher- Geography & English/Literature

2010-2013 Principal, Techer of Geography & English/Literature

2014-2019 Deputy Principal Graduates Program, Teacher of Geography & English/Literature

January 2020 to date: Principal – Supervision and Adminsitration of operations, teaching and learning. Teaches  English and Geography- St Aloysius Gonzaga Secondary School, Nairobi, Kenya.

My name is Beatrice Maina; I am a wife, mother of 3 children Children-a daughter and 2 Sons, and a Teacher.

My vision is to create an enabling environment for learners where competitive education, research and training thrive incorporating the unique values of Jesuit education for sustainable development.


  1. To create an environment of inclusivity where team work spirit is enhanced.
  2. To improve relevance and quality of education offered at St. Aloysius Gonzaga Secondary school.
  3. To improve access to education especially for bright and needy orphans from Kibera slums
  4. To strengthen youth development programmes being offered in St. Aloysius i.e., mentorship, life skills, peer counselling.
  5. To enhance adult literacy and entrepreneurial skills through parent workshops.
  6. To ensure transparency in the utilization of the school`s budget.

       7. To enable effective and efficient integration of ICT in teaching and learning


At St. ALS we give formal education in a formal setting. This enables our students to compete with other students in Kenya and to a larger extent globally. Acquiring quality education in Kibera is a big challenge for most of the students who graduate from primary schools and that is the very reason we have very many applicants for scholarships every year.

St. Als provides an enabling environment for bright children who would wish to grow their talents in addition to academic development. This helps to keep the youth busy and fight criminal activities and drug abuse which are rampant in Kibera slums.

St. Aloysius is well equipped with resources like spacious classrooms, books, well equipped science and computer laboratories as well as a qualified and committed staff.

St. ALS recognizes that children are the only raw materials from which we can manufacture responsible human beings. We therefore endeavour to make sure that every child that passes through our school is molded to be the best product the society would wish to receive.


I would wish to express my sincere appreciation for your generosity and continuous support for different programs in St. Aloysius Gonzaga Secondary school. Your personal commitment and good will has enabled St. ALS continue producing responsible men and women for others.  My prayer is for this relationship to continue.  God bless you.