School Dispensary

Ms. Magdalene Koki – School Nurse

As a school we believe that the Health of young people is strongly linked to their academic success or else the academic success of the youth is strongly linked with their health.

Activities in the dispensary include:

  1. Daily outpatient care of the sick student and the staff
  2. Health empowerment of students and staff about different health issues
  3. Medical checkup of the student who need thorough investigations on their Health.
  4. Working with other department to ensure smooth running of the school.
  5. Referring students who need specialist care to St.Marys Hospital
  6. Providing medical supplies to our First Aid team


  1. Increase health knowledge skills and attitude
  2. Increase a positive behavior and health outcomes
  3. Improving education outcome through team work with other departments
  4. Improving social outcome