Social Office

Md. Ann Kinoti – Social Worker

Our main clients are the students majority of whom hail from Kibera informal settlement.  Kibera is the largest informal settlement in Africa and the largest in Kenya.   Our students are faced with diverse socio-economic challenges which need intervention from the department.

Social work section provides an overview of student’s background information through frequent home visits.  It is through the department that the most needy students are provided with social needs items such as foodstuffs once per month and especially the students from the families affected and infected with Hiv/Aids.  The social worker is also the Child Safeguarding Officer in the school.  Any abuse cases are reported to this department by the students and also the staffs.  The information is recorded with a lot of active listening and adhering to the principle of confidentiality The matter is thereafter forwarded to the administration for further action. Examples of the cases reported are: Rape/defilement cases, physical, psychological abuse, emotional abuse, neglect and abandonment, just to mention a few.

On behalf of the beneficiaries of the programs within the psycho-social department, I sincerely extend my gratitude to all well-wishers who generously support our students by enabling them meet their psychological  and basic needs while they are in school.