St. Aloysius Gonzaga sec school

Graduates Program

About the Graduates program

After finishing their fourth form, all the students apply to join the graduate program. The program supports their transition from high school to universities and colleges depending on their performances and career interests. 


what we do
Career Guidance

The graduates program also offers career guidance to the students based on their academic strength and career interests. The journey to career path begins in form two when students select theor preferred subjcts from twelve to eight. Depending on the subject combination, they are further supported to nurture their interests in specific career fields to be aligned.  This process continues right after the release of final examination results at form foru level. At this point, the performance in the final exams determines which career direction a graduate take based on the available options. 

Community Service

To begin, all the students particiapte in a 6-month mandatory community immersion program known as community serivce. During these six months, they re placed within various institutions and organizations within Kibera and its environs. These may include porimary schools, community-based charitable organizations, hospitals among others. Essentially, our students are expected to undertake simple and non-technical aspects of work within the insitituions under the supervision of older profesionals. The objective of the program is to enable graduates build empathy and understanding of their environment, begin nurturing their professional skills while cementing their career aspirations and lastly to give back to their communities. They get to work fours in a weeek (monday to thursday) and repeort to the school on fridays for reflection sessions under the guidance of elder guides. The reflections help the students to process their experiences as they receive support on the same. 

Tertiary education scholarship

Upon successful completion of the program, graduates office support thestudents with school fees payment and placement in various colleges. St. Aloysius endevaors to transition all the graduates to universities, colleges and technical & vocational educational training (TVET) to pursue degree, diploma and certifcate courses. Generally, the school through the graduates program supports their tutition and accommodation fees.