St. Aloysius Gonzaga sec. school

Social need program

Social Work Department

This is one of the departments in st.Aloysius Gonzaga Secondary School. The department majorly focuses on psychosocial needs if the students and their welfare. This is achieved through the following:

Psychosocial Support Program

The department is involved in the above program with an objective of bringing back the students into reality of challenges and the shortcomings experienced as students into reality of challenges and shortcomings experienced as students from Kibera informal settlement. This is done through day to day interactions with students and their parents, guardians and regular home visit to their homes.

Social needs Program

It is our sincere gratitude for the generosity if well-wishers and the people of good will who have been supporting our vulnerable and needy students through this program in provision if foodstuffs every month. The program supports a maximum number of twenty (20) households mostly from PLHIV (Parents or guardians of our student living with HIV/AIDS) and the CLHIV (Our Students living with HIV/AIDS).

The provision of foodstuffs helps the CLHIV students and PLHIV to take their ARVS as prescribed from their facility.

It is through intensive follow ups and home visits to Kibera that the department is able to intervene and link up with the students, parents and teachers. This call for a holistic responsibility to achieve transformation of our students