St. Aloysius Gonzaga sec. school


Mr. Daniel Asenje, Dean of Academics

The Office of the Dean of Studies was established in the early 2010 and it is primarily concerned with students’ welfare from entry at form one until graduation at form four.

The office of the Dean also exist to help address the holistic growth, development and well-being of students’ academic lives in support of the school’s vision, mission and objectives. The Dean of studies often works in liaison with different departments within the school as well as with student leaders, parents, teaching staff and maintain contact with the outside institutions and the community to help carry out the mandate of this office effectively and efficiently.

The Dean’s Office also facilitates ongoing academic programs that develops student leadership skills, gives students an awareness of tropical contemporary issues such as career guidance and counseling, supporting student participation in projects that encouraged innovativeness and creativity, and helping them to acquire a positive interaction with the community and the environment

Accordingly, the Academic offfice is endowed with hard working experienced and self-motivated heads of department whose ideas influcence and shape the future of our students. theses departments include

  • Science department
  • Mathematics department
  • Languages department
  • Technical department

As the name implies, the Academic Department is the custodian of all teaching and learning activities awithin the school. This provides learners with requistite knowledge to undertake and understand and appreciate content in various disciplines for their academic growth. it is no wonder therefore that the Department is often referred to as the “Mother” of other Departments within the school if Education.

The following are some of the primary functions of the academic office

  • Preparation of syllabus and Regulations
  • Co-ordination of examinations
  • Academic staff development
  • Management of student records
  • Preparation of students Statistics
  • Secretarial for annual Academic Calendar


Our mission is to create an academic environment that promotes quality teaching and learning for the acquisition of skills, attitudes and vlaues that enhance a sense of discipline, self-examination, self-reliance and responsible thinking and living