Hope Lives Here – St. Al’s dormitory project

May 17th, 2018

In April, we were delighted to have our dormitory building plans approved by the county governement of Nairobi. Essentially this gave us the green light to go ahead commence construction work. This however, was to be undertaken subject to recieving clearance permit from Nationl Environmental Management Authority (NEMA). Legally this is the body tasked with the respeonsibility of ensuring that all construction works meet legal and ethical environemntal requirements. In May, our request was granted and we received NEMA authorization to go ahead with our planned project having underetaken proper due diligence. Having met all these statutory and legal requirements, we are now ready to move forward with the construction work. The task a head is still huge, but we believe that through God’s grace we will eventually realise our dreams of having permanent residence for our students. We enlist on your prayers, goodwill and financial support to be able to realise these. We continue to appeal for your support towards this noble course.  I recommend you take a few minutes of yur precious time to have a glimpse of this video which beautifully describes our need for a perment residence for our students. Feel free to recommend to friends : 


We will continue updating on the progress and status of our project from time to time. Feel free to support us by hitting on our support button. God’s blessings!