Kitchen Department

The kitchen department feeds the students every day, starting from porridge (Uji) for breakfast, served at 9.25 a.m. to lunch 1.10 p.m.

The diet is well balanced for the needs of growing teenagers. Our day starts very early to ensure that meals are served hot and on time. The students are also very disciplined and share the meals with love.

The feeding program is one of the most important aspects of the school’s contribution to the student’s lives. Some of them will not eat anything until the next day at school.

You can’t study if you are hungry. You can’t care for your education and future if you are not able to meet the most basic needs.

The costs of the feeding program

in Kenya Shillings in US $
Total cost 3,000,000 36,585
Cost for one Student 10,714 131

Remaining figures will be reported in US $ only. Costs are given for the total feeding program and for breakfast only. Breakfast is estimated to be 20 percent of the total cost.

Total Feeding Program Breakfast Only
Cost for one student per year  131 26.2
Per month (spread over 11 months) 11.9 2.38
Per week (42 weeks) 3.12 0.62
Per day (210 day) 0.62 0.12
Cost for one class of 35 per year 4585 917
Per month (spread over 11 months 416.8 83.36
Per week (42 weeks) 109.2 21.84
Per day (210 day) 21.83 4.37