Health Department

The health department is headed by a school nurse, Mrs Ann Kinuthia. It forms an integral part in the structure of St. Al’s. The department works to improve state of health of students and the staff-a healthy body, a healthy mind.

Just as the nation has set its goals for health and education, so has St.Al’s. The reciprocal of these two set goals has it that, as education improves, so does health; as health improves education is enhanced.


  • Increase health knowledge, attitudes, and skills.
  • Increase positive health behaviors and health outcomes.
  • Improve education outcomes. (NB: students who are healthy are more likely to learn than those who are unhealthy.)
  • Improve on social outcomes


  • Monitoring the daily health and well being of the students and the staff through regular physical examination to improve the level of personal and  environmental hygiene, state of physical health, and nutritional assessment.
  • Oversee the care of the sick students through clinical diagnosis, management of minor illneses, offering appropriate and prompt first aid and referring those needing specialized care.
  • Oversee the referral of students to medical specialists at St. Mary’s Hospital Langata and subsequently carry out follow up care.
  • Carrying out regular basic medical screening in collaboration with St. Mary’s Hospital. This involves complete blood count, stool, urine analysis, and dental care


Students from St Al’s cannot afford quality health care services. In addition their residential backgrounds pose major health threats to their lives because of unsanitary living conditions. As a result, preventable illnesses go undiagnosed and untreated. To address this issue, we have initiated a partnership with St. Mary’s Hospital Group.

It is in our hope that the young men and women who graduate from St. Al’s develop into future leaders with better health knowledge and awareness.