A day out for St. Al’s Students

July 12th, 2018

At St. Aloysius we strive to provide wholisitic formation to our students. Apart from taking care of their intellectual needs, we are alive to the fact that they have spiritual, physical, social and emotional needs. We take care of the latter two through a life skills program designed to support our students to be resilient, improve their academic performance, positively project their career aspirations and generally widen their horizons by exposing them to the world. Under the coordination of the school counselor, there is a team of more than 26 experts who journey with our students in small groups of not more than 10 students each on a monthly basis. These professionals draw their expertise from various professional fields and they must have worked with young people or shown great passion for issues of children and youth welfare. 

Recently, all the students were taken out for an educational and recreational tour outside Nairobi. The objective was to have our students and their mentors to take precious time away from the confines of books in order to relax, learn and bond. Thanks to the support we received from our esteem benefactors, the entire school visited Hells Gate Park in Naivasha which is one-and-half drive outside Nairobi. Hells Gate Park has one of the most spectacular and beautiful sceneries for a day out. This ranges from wildlife, gorges, steamed water from natural springs, geothermal plant among others. Our students were able to interact with the wildlife in their natural habitats and ask as many questions on the same as possible. Ideally for majority of our students, this was the first time they were travelling outside Nairobi not to mention the thrills of interacting with nature especially the animals. Perhaps the most thrilling and enthralling experience for our students was to take a walk through the gorges within the park for more than two hours. Navigating through the galleys was a harrowing experience but the excitement overcame the fears and the students never tired from exploring. They were also taken to one of the geothermal plants within the reserve in order to learn alternative means of generating power for domestic and industrial use. They were mesmerized and marveled at the ingenuity involved setting up such a magnificent structure. The number of questions they asked were mind-blowing but more importantly they were able to treasure very vital lessons. Later during the eventful day, all the students were taken to a spa to freshen up and swim after a grueling but ecstatic day in the wild. The excitement and energy level among the students was overwhelming. Some students opted to go for boat-riding as a recreational activity. The day was packed with activities and fun. It was evident the students were having the moments of their lives. Eventually, the journey back to the school was embarked on and it was clear that there were lots of stories to be told.

This trip helps our students not only to learn outside classroom set-up but it also to enable them appreciate and see the beauty outside their small world in the Kibera slums. More importantly, the experience outside classroom helps to boost their esteem that is very vital for their resilience much as it acts as motivator to turn around their deplorable situations. Hopefully, there will be another adventure in 2019. When all is said and done, we mould to be men and women for others who are ready to learn, love and serve.